Alba Baptista: Getting to Know the Rising Star with Chris Evans 2023

Alba Baptista
Alba Baptista

January 2022 saw the birth of dating rumors for the first time, and recently, they’ve stirred up the gossip mill in Cape Cod. Let’s get to know Alba Baptista.

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Introduction: Alba Baptista’s Journey to Stardom

At the young age of 26, Alba Baptista captivated audiences with her debut role as the warrior nun in Netflix’s “Warrior Nun.” More recently, she has been making headlines for her romance with Chris Evans, the beloved Hollywood star. In November 2022, a source confirmed that the 42-year-old actor and Marvel superhero were indeed dating. The source stated, “They are in love, and Chris has never been happier. Their families and friends all adore them.”

Chris Evans‘ Desire for Family

In the wake of dating news, Chris Evans, crowned People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2022, openly expressed his desire to settle down and start a family. He said, “It’s exactly what I want: a wife, kids, building a family. When you read about most of the greatest artists, whether they be actors, artists, or writers, most of them [cherish] what they’ve created the most is not the work they’ve done but the relationships they’ve formed; the families they’ve built, the love they’ve shared.”

He continued, “So, this is something that truly rings true through my long 41 years as well. He emphasized the importance of such bonds, saying, “Tradition and celebration resonate with me. There was so much in my life, so that [building it] couldn’t have been anything better.”

Alba Baptista’s Background: Hailing from Portugal

Born in 1997 in Lisbon, Portugal, Alba Baptista’s parents are both engineers and translators.

Notable Projects

Apart from her breakthrough role in “Warrior Nun,” which marked her entry into English-language entertainment, Baptista has acted in several Portuguese series and films, including “A Impostora,” “Filha da Lei,” “A Criação,” and “Jogo Duplo.”

More recently, she appeared in “Miss Harris Goes to Paris” alongside a stellar cast that included “The Crown” star Leslie Manville and renowned actress Isabelle Huppert, among others.

Multilingual Talent

Alba Baptista is not just an accomplished actress; she is also a polyglot. In addition to her native Portuguese, she is fluent in English, Spanish, French, and German.

Humanitarian Work

Much like Chris Evans, who often collaborates with charitable and non-profit organizations, Baptista is passionate about philanthropy. In 2018, she engaged in extensive humanitarian work at an orphanage in Cambodia, focusing on education.

The Beginning of Their Romance

While it’s not clear when exactly Baptista and Evans started dating, rumors about their romance began circulating in January 2022. However, eagle-eyed fans pointed out that the actor had been following Baptista since 2020, with Baptista reciprocating in 2021 when they were both filming projects in Europe.

Making It Instagram Official

On January 6, 2023, Chris Evans made their relationship “Instagram official” by posting a video with Baptista. Baptista responded by sharing a cute video on her Instagram story, featuring three heart emojis and the caption “A look back at 2022.”

Celebrating Valentine’s Day Together

Later on, in celebration of Valentine’s Day, they shared a photo montage featuring their moments together, including long walks, shared adventures, some PDA, and hanging out with their dog, Dozer.

Supporting Chris Evans at His Movie Premiere

Although the couple didn’t make their red carpet debut at the Ghost premiere in April 2023, Alba Baptista was there to support her beau. They were spotted together at the event, as seen in videos shared on social media.

Tying the Knot in September 2023

On September 9, 2023, Alba Baptista and Chris Evans exchanged vows during a private ceremony at a secluded estate in Cape Cod. Many of their close friends attended the wedding, including Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Susan Downey, Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky, Jeremy Renner, John Krasinski, and Emily Blunt.

In conclusion, Alba Baptista’s journey from Portugal to Hollywood has been nothing short of remarkable. With her talent, multilingual abilities, and passion for humanitarian work, she has not only made a name for herself in the entertainment industry but also captured the heart of one of Hollywood’s leading men, Chris Evans. As they embark on this new chapter in their lives together, fans can’t help but celebrate their love story. We wish them a lifetime of happiness and success.



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