Jawaan Box Office Collection Day 6: Shah Rukh Khan’s Blockbuster Journey


Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jawaan’ surpasses 500 crores worldwide in just 6 days! We bring you the latest updates on collections, advance bookings, reviews, worldwide earnings, and some fascinating records.

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Jawaan Box Office Collection Day 6

Everybody is eagerly awaiting Jawaan Box Office Collection Day 6. Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jawaan’ has proven to be a blockbuster. Even on a Tuesday, the film continues to earn more than its production cost. It’s a sensation among the youth. The fantastic initial week numbers will leave you amazed.

Jawaan Movie Collection So Far

On Sunday, ‘Jawaan’ made a whopping 80.5 crores, marking the highest single-day collection ever. According to reports from Sacnilk, the film could make around 40 crores on the 6th day (September 12th). If Sacnilk’s estimate for Day 6 holds, ‘Jawaan’ will have amassed a staggering 316.56 crores within just 5 days. Additionally, it will join the list of films in 2023 that have grossed over 500 crores worldwide.

Jawaan Box Office Collection

Jawaan Box Office Collection Worldwide

Now let’s take a look at ‘Jawaan’ Box Office collections worldwide. Shah Rukh Khan’s film is making waves globally. ‘Jawaan’ has crossed the 500 crore mark worldwide. With this, Shah Rukh Khan becomes the only Indian actor to achieve this feat twice in a single year. As per Koimoi’s report, ‘Jawaan’ has sold approximately 7.10 crore tickets in India alone, a remarkable number indeed. This figure surpasses advance bookings for many major Bollywood releases in 2023, including Pathan.

Jawan Box Office Collection Day 6 Overview

Post TitleJawan Box Office Collection Day 6
Jawan Movie Collection Day 530 Crore
Jawan Box Office Collection Day 640 Crore (Expected)
Jawan Total Collection500+ Crore
Download FromNetflix, Filmizila

Jawaan’s Advance Booking Records

Advance bookings for ‘Jawaan’ have also been exceptional, even on the fifth day of its release. The film has grossed approximately 165 crores in foreign markets. To put it in perspective, if we talk about ‘Jawaan’s global collections in the first four days, it has reached a staggering 505 crores and 80 lakhs. It’s important to note that the film’s budget was around 170 crores. Within just four days, the film has proven to be a superhit.

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Predictions for the Jawaan Box Office Collection on Day 6 and Beyond

According to our projections for Jawaan’s Box Office performance on Day 6 and beyond, the film is poised to make a significant mark in the global cinematic landscape. It is anticipated that ‘Jawaan’ will surpass the remarkable milestone of 1000 crores in worldwide collections. If this prediction comes to fruition, it will establish the lead actor as an unparalleled force in the Indian film industry, achieving this remarkable feat for the second time within a single year.

This achievement is not merely a testament to the film’s quality and appeal but also a reflection of the star’s immense popularity and box office draw. The impact of such a monumental accomplishment is expected to resonate within the industry for an extended period, setting a high bar for aspiring actors and filmmakers. As ‘Jawaan’ continues to captivate audiences and break records, it solidifies its place as a blockbuster of unprecedented proportions.

Jawaan Box Office Collection Today

In just four days, Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘Jawaan’ has grossed approximately 186.20 crores in foreign markets, while in India, it has accumulated 343.80 crores. In this way, ‘Jawaan’ has made a worldwide collection of 530 crores in just four days. ‘Jawaan’ was released on September 7, 2023, and with a thunderous start, it has worked its magic on the audience’s hearts.

FAQs related to Jawaan Box Office Collection Day 6

  • What is the total collection of Jawaan? ‘Jawaan’ has collected over 550 crores worldwide.
  • What happened on Jawaan Box Office Collection Day 5? On the fifth day, Jawaan Box Office Collection crossed 30 crores.



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